love you always

Peggy stack k.

We miss you more then could ever be shown Nan always talk about you with them babies you will always be mentioned until the day we meet again was such and inspiration to all of us really was. A matter of weeks until your first anniversary and it feels like forever we love you so much hope you got the best bed in heaven love you xx

Mr and Mrs Philip Levy

Rest in Peace. Always in our hearts and minds.

Ann Sullivan

Missing and love you 19 years on 7/12/17

Peggy Stack

Nan, we all miss you more than words can say but know you are watching over us as you always have done. Thinking of you coming up to our first Christmas without you here. Lots of love from Joanna, John & Ann Xx

Peggy stack

We miss you nanny ,all of us. Especially your daughter Kathleen . Your in peace now that’s all that matters .god rest your soul xxxxxxxxx


Always thinking of you

Eileen Chib

Rest in peach my darling until we are together again. Samuel

Michael Cronin

You are in my thoughts and heart always x

Isobel McSherry

John, David, Steven and all the family still miss you and always will.

Thelma Reynolds

Missing you very much Always in my thoughts, Husband Gordon

Baby Jack Pavlo

Always in our hearts - I carry you with me wherever I go. We love and miss you.

Liam O' Malley

In memory of a wonderful nephew and cousin, who is missed so much and who lit up the lives of so many. You are a star that will shine forever bright. Love Aggie, Caroline, Marion, Des and Stephen

josie & michael flavin

we miss you every day mum and dad. We love you and live for the day that we will be with you again, your daughters Mary and Catherine

John Hall

We miss you in our lives . Much love Marge , Lucy and Louise xxx

Patricia Hughes

In loving memory & gratitude for the life of Patricia Hughes.

Peter Andry

We Miss You

Phylllis Dawson

Much love as always

Sheila and Fred Marsh

To Mum and Fred, remembering you with love from Malcolm, Valerie and all the family xxx

Sonia Pallaris

Mum, you are always remembered and in our hearts.

Giuliana and Gildo

In loving memory you are always in our thoughts.

James Olive

Thinking of you always. God Bless.

Emanuel Conway

To my darling dad, thank you for your wisdom and strength. Miss you and the angels are with you. All my love, Jessica.

William Shelton

I miss your laughter, kindness and generosity. All my love and the angels are with you. All my love, Jessica.

Irene Conway

To my darling mum, thank you for what you taught me. Thinking of you always. Missing you. Love always Jessica. Miss you and the angels are protecting you.

Johanna Powell

Much loved, much missed, always in our thoughts

Albert and Rosina Hancock

Always in our thoughts

Anne and Peter Mitchell

We miss you both so much and we think of you a lot.

Sylvia McCaul

My lovely mum remembered with love and fondness

Maureen Watson

My sister and best friend. Still miss you lots kiddo

Graeme Penman

Loved and remembered every single day

Bernard McCaul

My dear old dad remembered with love and thanks

Seamus Galvin

Remembering you always, every year that passes we miss you more. Always in our thoughts and prayers. We will, as always raise a glass for you.

Martin Bowen Wright

Remembering you always, even after 23 years.

Rory O'Connell

Love and miss you so much brother. Always thinking of you.

Jean O'Callaghan, William O'Callaghan and Jason O'Callaghan

Thinking of you always, love you lots

Annie O'Callaghan and Finbar O'Callaghan

Thinking of you always, love you lots

Christy Neenan

Love you always, missing you lots

Mummy Helen

Every day and always

Liam O’Malley

We miss you more each day. Forever in our hearts, a light that never goes out. Love sister Ann, Dad and all your family and friends xxx

Susan Young

The most wonderful mother. I miss you every day and remember happy times together


Rest in peace Grandma, love you always

Theresa porter

We miss you so much

Theresa porter

We miss you so much

Sweet Cora

In memory of Sweet Cora.

Mummy Cora (Sweet Caroline)

In memory of Mummy Cora.


In memory of Cora.

Aidan Doyle

In loving memory on 3rd anniversary of death. Rest in peace. God bless.

Ben Read

Thank you Ben

Anne-Marie Rendell


Kenneth Pope


Kevin Gardner


John Taylorson

We love and miss you everyday. Grandi

William & Maureen Hall

We miss you & you are always in our thoughts

Sheila Nixon

Remembering you every day

Basil Appleby

Our beloved husband and father, from Shirley and daughters

Susan Young

I miss you everyday. You loved the Christmas tree and I remember our time at the hospice together where you were so happy and well looked after.

George Bateson

Remembering a very special husband, dad and grandad at Christmas. We miss you always xxxx

Valerie Davies

Mum, the years have flown so quickly since you left my side but there is not a day that passes when I do not think of you. I still miss and love you very much.

Mum, Ron & Henny

Rest in peace, always in my thoughts.

Soraya Trad

We still grieve and remember you Soraya, our beautiful daughter died 1st December 2012

Hannah Moriarty

Mum, your presence we miss, your memory we treasure, loving you always in our hearts forever xxxx


Love Always

Ian Rainbow

Remembered with love and happy memories every day.

Gilberte Dumont

In loving memory to my mother

Bridget Cummings

Darling Bridget. Happy Christmas. With all our Love.

Jay Malter-Daries

Unforgettable for courage and your gift of friendship

Paul Harrington

We never listen to jazz without fondest memories of you

B St John Mosse

Pat Kinsey

Still missing you

Taiwo Claudia Afolabi

Forever in our hearts. In loving memory of our Mum.

Nanny Porter

The best Nan anyone could ask for love all you grandkids and great grandchildren

Nanny Porter

The best Nan anyone could ask for love all you grandkids and great grandchildren


I love you querida Mãe ❤️. Love from family in Timor Leste

Billy dunphy

An amazing dad,husband, brother and even more special grandad so greatly missed love you with all our hearts xx

Jessie Graham

Its been a tough first year without you Mum and I still miss you as much as ever.

Theresa Porter

Love and miss you always mum

Hussein Boukhdoud

We miss you every day Grandad Love Karim x

Rod Park

You are always in our thoughts and hearts Love Nikki & Michelle


No specific dedication - just a donation of money

Geraldine O'Hanlan


Phyllis & Tom Attridge

Forever in our hearts

Jack Payne

All my love as always, Pat

John Ansdell

Always in my heart - Celia Ansdell

Anthony Mc'Cormack

Always in our thoughts and prayers.

Miss Mary Angeline Louis

Fondly remembered by Edmund and Indira


To my darling Constantino, I love you with all my heart. I know you are with the angels looking down on me. All my love, Jessica.

Martin Densham


Valerie Nagel


Prof Mo Keshtgar


Michael Stuart

In loving memory of Mick Stuart

Michael Hacker

Always remembered with love

Ronnie Cohen

In my heart always. Lots of love.

Patricia Young

We will remember you always xx

Peggy Stack

Mother, we all miss you so much. We all remember you with love R.I.P. xx

Anthony Harte

We love you.

Michael Preston

To a wonderful Husband and Father.

Costis and Maria

With so much love

May O'Sullivan

Mum, missing you always. Forever in our hearts xxx

Teddy O'Sullivan

Dad, missing you always. Forever in our hearts xxx

Margaret Dixon

Darling mummy love,in eternity and forever in our hearts.

Barry Jones

Nadolig Llawen Cariad

Janine Harris

Who died 27/11/2007

Mr and Mrs Esteban & Sal Evans

Always in our thoughts

Tom and Alan Rees

Always in our thoughts

James and Sylvia Doyle

Always in our thoughts

Albert and Rosina Hancock

Always in our thoughts

Tony Margo

Always in our thoughts and miss you very much. From Pauline, Stephen and Edwina

Joan Richards

so missed

Olga Albangse

Sorry I cannot be there, a bit tough at the moment. Wish you where here. Lots of love

Arthur and Alice Buskell

To Mum and Dad, remembering you with love now and always Valerie and Colin and all the family xxx

Emmanuel Cooper

For Manly with great love.

John Conway

Dear John/Dad, when someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Always our treasure x Love Collette, Stephen, Garret and Caroline x


My love for you will always be everlasting xxx

Ronnie St. Hill

Your presence we miss, your memory we treasure, loving you always in our hearts forever.

Sir Daniel Davies

In memory of my father Sir Daniel Davies, a devoted and revered physician at St John & St Elizabeth for many years.

Ann Weddell

I will always remember my dear friend Ann, who left us in June 2016.

Ann Weddell

Remembering my dear friend Ann Weddell who passed away in June 2016

Theresa porter

Forever in are hearts missed by all xxxx



Sisters and Staff who worked at St. John and Elizabeth's

Rest in peace

Roman Svirinsky

Papochka, sending you love and light. I miss your presence, our giggles and our friendship. xxx

Margaret porter

Forever in are heart xx


In loving memory of my husband Ralph Dodds a true friend.

Chris Mattemo

We miss seeing you around.

Dave King

We think of you often and we miss you.

William Dineen

We love you and miss you a lot.

Mary Dineen

We miss you a lot and will always remember you love you.

Doris and Dick Mayor

Forever in my heart and in my thoughts

Lewis Harris

To my beloved husband missing you always with all my love

Helen Vieth

Treasured memories of a precious daughter, sister and auntie. Lots of love, Mummy and Daddy, Caroline, Julia, Kiara and Afra


All my love xxx

Richard and my parents, Peggy and Stanley

My love as always

Jimmy Feeley

Never far from our thoughts. Our love, your wife, children, grandchildren and family

Joan Richardson

God bless you always darling

Annette Delaney

God bless you always darling

Peter Richards

Missing you. With all my love.

Kathleen Searle

My dearest mum, please look after me if you can. I love and miss you so much. Pam X

Bob Adams

Always remembered.

John Miller

You are always with me love Andrew

Gloria Clugston

We miss you everyday

Breda Allen

We miss you everyday

Leda Bolden

In loving memory.

Sheila Casemore

In loving memory.

Biddy and Joe Read

In loving memory.

Vera Morris

Miss you so much.


You will be forever in our hearts, so grateful for the gift that you are to all of us.

Tamer Al-Ghussein

To Tam, our warm, loving, generous man with the 'swagger'. You had a special talent for making others feel good about themselves, missed today and always.

Mick Waldron

Every Christmas day that comes round brings sadness as you were taken from us that day. Miss you always, Sheila, Sarah and Kayleigh xxx

Charlotte Louise Casey

Very much loved,very much missed

Jacky Oeaman

We will love you always.

Mum and Dad

In loving memory of our beloved Mum and Dad. Our memories ease us through each day, your eternal love is our guide, strength and comfort. Still near, dear and precious, forever in our hearts. Lots of love, V.J.D. xoxoxo

Rose Meighan

Miss your happy laugh.

Monty Charkan

Still talking about you.

Tony Hayes

Still talking about you.

Julian James

Still missing you so much all my love darling-Pet. xxx

Kate Scutt

Treasured memories

Peter Majer

Remembering precious times we had together.

Jeffrey Edwards

Miss you always all my love Jan xxx

Ken and Rene Cosham

We miss you both so much especially at this time of year. Love Jan, Fred, Sarah, Lucie, Andy, Will and Sophie

Sylvia Bennie

Always in our thoughts

Christy Mattemo

Dear friend, Always in our thoughts. Rest in peace. Annie xx


Dad, we love you forever and miss you more and more. Annie xx


Mum, you are always with us we love and miss you so much. Annie xx

David King

We all love you so much and miss you more than ever.

David Kinsey

Dear David, your star still shines as bright as ever xxx

Alec Gowing

God bless - miss you so much darling

Dr Phua Kai Swan


Dearest Alan, Mummy, Daddy & Whiskey

I miss you so much every day.

Eddie Bryan

In loving memory. To a wonderful husband.

Stephen and Bice Page

Love you and thinking of you always love Anne


Always in our thoughts loving you forever

William Oddy

My darling Bill, always in my thoughts, RIP.

Catherine Croxford

In loving memory of my Kate.

Peter Poon

We think of you always with love.

Orlando Tempia

All our love Dad xx


RIP dear Simon ❤️Miss you so much

Scotson Joseph

Always in my heart and mind.


Darling, thank you for the wonderful life we had. Love D x.

Anthony Aris

To my beloved husband Anthony, we love you, we miss you

Angela O'Neill

Love you always ❤️

Jamie Albert Merritt

In our hearts and thoughts always

Agnes Macnamara

Forever in our hearts

Liane Bennett

Miss you lots!!!


Always loved and missed, never forgotten, Mum.


Missing you but know you are with me. X


Miss you always xxx


To Grant, who sadly lost his fight with cancer! From the Williams family!


In memory of a great wife, mother and friend, Janice. Lots of love Carl, Shaun and family