Sylvie Bennie

Loved and Missed

Michael Cronin

Remembering Michael Today and Always. Mary x

Ronnie Lynch

Love and miss you always Forever in out hearts

Giuliana and Gildo Niemis

Remembering our wonderful mum & dad and nonna & nonno. You are forever in our hearts. Love always xxxxxx

Sandra Stern

We lost the most beautiful and influential woman in our life’s on the 18th Nov at 12:30 pm. Mum, you will forever be in our hearts, you made us the people we are today and we can’t comprehend our world without you. We have never seen a person battle so much and be so strong until the bitter end. You’ll always be with us and can only feel happy that your suffering is over. Forever your proud son daughter. Dan & Michelle. XXXXXXXX

Olushola Paul Afolabi

Dear Dad We were young when you passed. You were a product of your generation. Thank you Missed and loved From Funmilayo, Toyin and Bunmi Always remembered

Taiwo Claudia Afolabi

Mothers are special but you were exceptionally special among the special. We miss you and wish you were still here. Forever loved Always remembered From Funmilayo, Toyin & Bunmi

James Ruddy

My dad spent a lot of time in his short battle with his illness in and out of hospitals and the hospice but his time in the hospice especially we are grateful for as they made a difficult time for us as a family a lot easier with there care and support,

Monty Charkham

Thank you for making me so happy

Caroline Keefe

Forever in my heart sweet Caroline. Love always Terry.

Caroline (Cora) Keefe

You are our shining star. Always in our hearts- Jimmy, Pat, Lavinia and Kids

Teddy O'Sullivan

Remembering our wonderful dad Teddy. Love you always xxx

Mary Hogan AKA O'Sullivan

Remembering our beautiful mum May. Love you always and forever xxx

Pat Moran

You are always in our thoughts especially this time of year. Your loving family. 


In our thoughts. Rest in peace.

Marika Colasanto

I never got a chance to say goodbye, you were taken far too quickly. On the first Christmas without my best friend. The tears in my eyes, I can wipe away, the ache in my heart, will always stay.

Clive George

To a special Husband, Dad and Grandad, we will forever love you and miss you dearly. Your love and wisdom lives on forever in our hearts.

Irene Conway

To my darling beautiful mother, always in my thoughts. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom, which I hold close to my heart. I miss you, all my love Jessica.

Barron Sampson

Miss you all everyday and feel you are protecting me in heaven. Thank you for guidance and wisdom throughout my life. All my love, Jessica Conway

Sir William Shelton

Miss you all everyday and feel you are protecting me in heaven. Thank you for guidance and wisdom throughout my life. All my love, Jessica Conway


Miss you all everyday and feel you are protecting me in heaven. Thank you for guidance and wisdom throughout my life. All my love, Jessica Conway

Emanuel Conway

Miss you all everyday and feel you are protecting me in heaven. Thank you for guidance and wisdom throughout my life. All my love, Jessica Conway

Arthur Wilde

Wherever I go, whatever I do, memories keep me near to you. Miss you to much

Wendy / Selwyn

You are gone but not forgotten because you live on in our heart

Jamie Albert Merritt

Always in our heart, love you forever.

W.Kate Scutt

Ian Wallis

You were the best thing in my life that ended too soon. Love you forever

My Mum, Ann

In my heart and thoughts always 21yrs on 7/12/1998. Love and miss you

Wendy and Selwyn Yaintyre

You will always be in our thoughts

Margaret Mcpherson

Remembering your beautiful spirit and twinkling eyes this Christmas and always

Peggy Stack

Mother, how much you are missed words cannot say. Remembering you with love each day.

Phyllis Dawson

Dearest Phyllis, You are deeply and fondly remembered by Eric, Deborah, Julia & Juliet. We will always love you forever and miss you tremendously. 1

Christine Marcoullides

Thank you for 47 years of love and for many more years of memory

William & Maureen Hall

We will always fondly remember and love you mum and dad. Forever in our thoughts

German Dentist

In remembrance of a wonderful German Dentist who treated me successfully many years ago.

Jessie Burns

Mum- still miss you, things will never be the same. Luv you xxx

Brenda Felstead

Brenda, your winning smile, humour and loving generous nature ever remembered.

Ian Rainbow

Always Loved. Always Missed.

Ronnie St. Hill

Always in our thoughts and prayers. Love forever xxx

Ann Weddell

You are always in my thoughts

William and Mary Dineen

I love you both, Mum & Dad. Remembered forever xx

Christi Mattemo & Anne Mitchell

Dear friends. Remembered forever

David Joseph King

My wonderful husband David you are always with me. I love you R.I.P

Silvio Bellizzi

I lost you in this life, I'll find you in the next life- Through prayer N-M-R-K

Alice and Arthur Buskell

All our love as ever mum and dad. From Colin, Valerie and all the family


I miss you more with each passing minute- I will love you forever

Brian Nickels

Love you and Miss you more each day xx


Miss you, love you xxx

Costis, Ypatianna, Maria

Forever in our thoughts

Nellie and Arthur Greenwood

In memory of our cherished mum and dad. Although you have gone from our life, you have never gone from our hearts. Your memory is our keepsake and we treasure that each moment. Our brightest stars, our guiding light. Lots of love, VJD xoxoxo

Bridget Cummings

Darling Bridget, you are always in our thoughts. We will love you forever.

Doreen Mary Collins

The world changes from year to year, our lives from day to day, but the love and memory of you will never pass away.

Michael Trimble

You left us way too soon Michael Our hearts are broken for the lack of you ❤️

Peter Yin Yee Poon

Always remembered, not forgotten, with all our love to you in”watching land”.❤️

Michael Trimble

You left a space in our lives but you fill our hearts always. We miss and love you in equal measure.

Patric Nwaozuzu

Miss you my Dear Mr P, Love your Little Mrs P xxxx

Nellie Lynch

We miss you Mum & Nan. Love you so Much xxxx

Johanna Powell

Much loved, much missed, always in our thoughts.

Stella Marsh

Darling Mum , You passed over a few years ago , but we remember you in our hearts every day and know you are looking down on us, our love to you from your two kids Linda and Alan

Alice and Arthur Buskell

All our love as ever, Mum and Dad, from Colin, Valerie and all the family XXX.


We miss you so much...I hope you are proud of us We love you


Not a day goes by without we think of you. We miss you so much. Thanks for being the light that is now looking up on us. We love you deeply.

Soraya and Chadli Fattah

We miss you, Dad, and Soraya also. God bless you both. From Mum, Sally and Jamila.

Sisters of Mercy of the Union

Remembering the Sisters of Mercy who worked at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital


Dearest Caroline, always in our thoughts, so greatly missed and loved, mum & family.

John Ansdell

Always I our thoughts. In loving memory.

Victor or Vic

Great dad, lovely husband. So many memories happy times, love always audrey.

Christian and Nicholas

With thoughts and prayers

Bob Adams

In loving memory of Bob

Patricia Weiler

Missing you

John Taylorson

In our hearts forever

Anne Mitchell

We often think about you & all the great times we had together

David King

We think of you a lot & miss you

Chris Matimoe

We miss seeing you out & about

Mary Dineen

We miss you a lot & will never forget you

William Dineen

We love you a love & think of you all the time

Monty Charkem

In my memories

Tony Hayes

In my memories

Carmel Quinn

Much loved Mum, wife & Nana. Always in our thoughts & forever in our hearts.

Lewis Harris

My dearest husband. I miss you so much so much, love you always.

Prof Peter Richards

Remembering you with all our love and admiration


Every day is a heartbreak as I live without your smile. In our hearts forever x

Joao Magalhaes

Missing you so much. Love you forever. All my love.

Basil Appleby

Remembered, with love always.

John Davies

John Conway

'Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day' Always with us & forever missed xxxx

Tony Margo

Thinking of you all the time and our love forever.

Ian Forgacs

Always in our thoughts

Michael Stuart

In loving memory of Mick Stuart

Dr Phua Kai Swan

Always something there to remind me, never forgotten

Biddy, Joe Read, Mr John Herne, Tom Ahearne & Sheila Casemore

In Memory


Every day I think of you. With all my love.

Jacky Leaman

Remembered Forever

Brian Stone

Breda Allen

We miss you x Bill Diane Lorraine x

Gloria Clugston

We miss you George, Kirk, Ashley and Diane x

Jonathan and Charlotte Barber

For Jonathan and Charlotte Our Heavenly Angels Love from Vicky and Ashley

Margaret McPherson

Remembering your beautiful spirit and twinkling eyes this Christmas and always.

Phyllis Dawson

Remembering you at Christmas

Peter Andry

Remembering you at Christmas

Bette Gill

Dearest Mama and Grandmama, never to be forgotten

Mrs Isobel McSherry

Forever in our thoughts

Reg + Keith

Love always

Bronwyn Petticrew

Merry Christmas Mum. There's no-one who understands the true spirit of Christmas more than you; selflessness, wholesomeness, gratitude, humility, humanity, awareness, patience, sweetness, generosity, compassion and love to name a few. The timeless gift you have given me is to recognise all these things and be a better person by practising them, thank you.

Olga Albanese

Merry Christmas Mum, always feel you are with me

James Walter Olive

Thinking of you always. Till we meet again, all my love Ruth

Piers Charles Douglas

Missing you and loving you today and everyday

Emmanuel Cooper

For my darling boy. Much missed and much loved.


A very sad loss.

Kathleen Searle

Dear Mum who looks out for me. You're forever in my heart. All my love Pam.

Orlando Tempia

Always thinking about you. Love you and miss you so much

Suzannah De-Ritter Squire

To the light of my life, my dearest Mother, I love you and you will always be in my thoughts.

Michael Trimble

My dear brother, still can't believe you are not here, you have left a big hole in our family that can't be filled. Miss you every day. With much LOVE....Joe

Jackie (buddy)

I love and miss you more each day, there's never a day that goes by without me thinking or talking about you. I know you and nanny rene are looking after each other and are both watching over us all.

Nanny & Grandad Porter

You near even though we can’t see you. You are with us even though you are gone. You are always in our thoughts, in our hearts, A permanent part of lives forever. Love Joe & Grace

Ricky Jenkins

Hope you are up there having a good time with mum and dad. May all your pain be gone now. Hope you're at peace my dear brother. Miss and love you so much.

Ricky Jenkins

Hope you are up there with mum and dad having a party. Hope you're pain has gone and you are now in peace. God bless you my dear brother.

Ricky Jenkins

Hope you are up there with mum and dad having a party. Hope you're pain has gone and you are now in peace. God bless you my dear brother.

Billy Dunphy

Your guiding hand on our shoulders will remain with us forever xxx love and miss you dearly xxxx

christine saidi

remembering you always and forever my beloved beautiful mum love reema joe and bella x

Peggy stack

Happy heavingly birthday today nanny R. I. P????I MISS YOU SO MUCH ????think of you all the time you will never be forgotten ❤️margaret ❤️????❤️